Liberty pumps troubleshooting

Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Installation Manual. All rights reserved. Provore prge series submersible grinder pumps. All rights reserved Page 2: Safety Information 1. Modifications may affect seals, change the electrical loading of the pump, or damage the pump and its components. Modifications can void your warranty on this product.

Page 4: General Information Always use a replacement power cord assembly of the same length and type as originally installed on the Liberty product. Using a cord of improper gauge or length may lead to exceeding the electrical rating of the cord and could result in death, injury, fire or other significant failure. It raises the pump 2. Contact Liberty Pumps or other qualified person if you have questions regarding proper pipe sizes and flow rates. Contact Liberty Pumps or other qualified person if you have any questions regarding proper pipe sizes and flow rates.

To eliminate fluid recycling in duplex installations, it is necessary to have a check valve on each discharge line prior to tying the two discharges into one common line. Page 8 To change rotation, reverse any two of the three power leads to the pump.

Code the wires for reconnection after installation. Bottom View Fig. Page 9: Maintenance Pour enough water into the sump to activate the pump periodically at least every 3 months when not normally in use to verify proper function. NOTE: The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for damage or injury due to disassembly in the field.

Page 12 Apple Tree Avenue bomba, y guardar para futuras consultas. Todos los derechos reservados Eleva la bomba 2. Liberty Pumps, Inc. This manual is also suitable for: hv hv hv Print page 1 Print document 34 pages.

Cancel Delete.Macerating Toilet System. The Ascent II macerating toilet system features a 1. Now, put a bathroom anywhere! The system features advanced RazorCut TM technology for improved maceration of waste and a removable service panel that provides quick access to the cutter area without disconnecting the plumbing.

Both models feature insulated tanks to eliminate sweating. Toilet seat included. Wholesale Products current International Register Login. Toggle navigation Search Products.

Wholesale Products International. Register Login. Search Products. HotcakesStore current. CE Products. CE Effluent Pumps. CE Grinder Pumps and Systems. CE Sewage Pumps. New Products. Energy Efficient Products. Submersible Sump Pumps. Back Up Sump Pumps. SumpBox System. Drain Pumps. Condensate Pumps.

Utility Pumps.

Liberty Pumps SumpJet SJ10A Installation Manual

Elevator Sump Pump System. High Temp Sump Pumps. Effluent Pumps. High Head. Low Head. Mid Range Head. Simplex Packages. Duplex Packages. Basin Accessories. Sewage Pumps. Quadplex Packages. Grinder Pumps. Macerating Toilet Systems.

Explosion-Proof Hazardous Location. Control Panels.However, depending on your plumbing needs, you might also be able to get away with a macerating toilet system. A standalone sewage pump will allow you to pump sewage to much greater heights, at much greater pressures, and to much farther distances while processing larger solids and more wastewater. A macerating pump, in contrast, can potentially be installed without breaking up concrete floors or tearing into your foundation and walls.

While you can buy a macerator pump independently and connect it to most toilets, we typically recommend buying a macerating pump and toilet system simultaneously to eliminate compatibility issues. Engineered for indoor use in remodeling projects such as basement toilet or bathroom additions as well as for business environments in commercial buildings, the system can pump sewage to existing sewer lines up to 25 feet vertically and feet horizontally.

The thermally protected motor turns at 3, RPM and includes an automatic reset feature. The power cord is 8 feet long and the pump can handle fluids up to degrees Fahrenheit. Per Liberty Pumps, the system also accepts additional bathtub, shower, and sink connections, allowing you to form a full bathroom in any environment.

It also includes a built in alarm and a 9 volt battery backup, as well as LEDs to provide power status, alarm condition, and alarm battery condition. The discharge and vent connectors can be oriented vertically or horizontally for varying pipe connections. It includes an insulated tank. The Ascent II, however, has a number of on paper advantages. It also includes a high efficiency toilet.

It consistently has stronger reviews from clients and appears to have greater long term reliability and a more thorough design.

liberty pumps troubleshooting

The amount of work it takes to install the Ascent II will vary with your plumbing experience and plumbing environment. The basic installation steps involve connecting the pump to the toilet, connecting the toilet tank to a water inlet, connecting the pump to both a discharge pipe and vent system, and finally powering it up. Every now and then you might need to double flush to get everything out of the bowl. The main problems with the Ascent II have to do with its engineering; as noted earlier, the Ascent II appears to potentially suffer from a poor design involving the conduction of the effluent through the electrical probes of the control unit in the macerator.

In simple English, poop pushes around the electrical parts, potentially leading to malfunctioning and early failure of the control unit. The main issues to watch out for with the Ascent II include circuit board failure in the control unit.

Clients have also reported problems with constantly activating alarms. The toilet itself is likely to last a long time; toilets are very simple and reliable technology and rarely fail. The vulnerabilities in the macerating pump, however, are much more significant.

A macerating pump and toilet kit like the Ascent II can get you there for much less money under the right circumstances, but it comes with potential reliability issues.

It costs the same but has a much better reputation.Quick Links. Table of Contents. Installation Manual. Model and Automatic Drain Pump. All rights reserved. Prior to installation, record Model, Serial Number, and. Code Number from pump nameplate for future reference.

Provore prge series submersible grinder pumps. Summary of Contents for Liberty Pumps Page 1 3. All rights reserved Page 2: Installation 2.

Installation Figure 1: Typical residential installation this is a recommended installation only. Figure 2: Product dimensions. Either can be used as a vent or inlet. Note: a trap shall be used between the fixture and pump, a flange type is recommended. Page 4: Maintenance And Troubleshooting Do not let the pump run dry for extended periods.

Application: The and series drain pumps are designed for use in gray wastewater applications. Larger solids should be kept out of the pump system. Page 6: Year Limited Warranty 4. The date of purchase shall be determined by a dated sales receipt noting the model and serial number of the pump. Todos los derechos reservados Figura 2: Dimensiones del producto. Figura 5: Curvas de rendimiento para y Page 14 2.

Installation Figure 1.There are a number of good AC models available, such as the Zoeller M For the rest of us, a backup sump pump is just as important as the main pump itself. The Liberty Pumps SJ10 is a water-powered backup sump pump.

The pump does not require electricity or batteries, but runs through water pressure from a municipal water supply. It requires a constant, uninterrupted water source to work. Its maximum water flow rate is 1, gallons per hour It is It can accept an inlet supply pressure between 20 PSI and PSI, and will remove 2 gallons of sump water per gallon received.

The full technical specifications are here. Because it is a water-powered sump pump, its pumping performance will increase and decrease with the water pressure at the inlet as well as with the pumping head. At 60 PSI, the max pressure is The WSM requires a deep cycle battery to work as well as an AC supply to charge the battery from time to time while the SJ10 never requires batteries or an AC connection.

On the other hand, the SJ10 does require a connection to a working municipal water supply, while the WSM does not. The WSM is also a smart sump pump and includes a range of self-monitoring and communicative abilities.

Beyond the power supplies and communicative differences, there are also differences in pumping efficiency to be aware of. The pumping speed differences are the same. In general, the biggest difference to keep in mind between a water-based pump and a battery-based pump is that a water-based pump offers the security of not relying on the electricity to come back within a few days the way a battery-based pump does.

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To put it simply, if you lose power for more than around days, your battery-based pump will be as dead as your AC-based pump unless you have a charged deep cycle battery ready to swap into the pump, because the main deep cycle battery keeping the pump going will only run for a few days of intermittent use before dying.

This alone makes it worth considering over a battery-based pump if you live somewhere with frequent power outages or if you leave your home unoccupied due to work travel or vacations for days or weeks at a time. Installing the SJ10 was a snap; it comes fully assembled and the manual is rather easy to follow. Instead of using PVC and copper water lines, you might want to consider SharkBite push-to-connect fittings as well as PEX tubing, since they make the job faster.

The basic procedure is to connect the horizontal inlet to your municipal water supply which powers the pumpthe vertical inlet to your sump basin inlet tubing which brings in the water that fills your sump basinand the horizontal outlet to your sump ejection line which carries water out of your basement and home.

When properly installed, you should be able to get a decade out of one of these pumps without much trouble; they have fewer moving parts than battery-based pumps no external float switches to worry aboutwhich makes them more likely to stand up to the long haul. We recommend it heartily. You can buy a silent check valve here. If you find our work at PumpThatSump helpful, you can support our relentless reviewing of every sump pump on the market by shopping via our Amazon link for whatever you need to make your house a home.

Despite being self-employed, we promise not to spend it all on health insurance. Related Pumps, Guides, and Reviews.Table of Contents. Installation Manual. All rights reserved. Prior to installation, record Model, Serial Number, and. Provore prge series submersible grinder pumps. All rights reserved Page 4: Section 2 Introduction Use of an RPZ may lower operating pressure.

They should be held in storage if the pump station is not complete. If storage is necessary, the pump should remain in its shipping container.

It should be stored in a warehouse or storage shed that has a clean, dry temperature-stable area where the pump and its container should be covered to protect it from water, dirt, dust, etc. Page 7 Discharge piping should be routed to the yard outside the building.

There is no need to install a check valve on the discharge pipe. Page 8: Section 5 Template Liberty Pumps or its authorized service centers, automatically voids warranty.

Liberty Pumps, Inc. The date of purchase shall be determined by a dated sales receipt noting the model and serial number of the pump. Page 9 Liberty Pumps, Inc. Todos los derechos reservados Liberty Pumps recomienda el uso de una alarma sonora. Voir Figure 3. This manual is also suitable for: Sumpjet sj Print page 1 Print document 36 pages.

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liberty pumps troubleshooting

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Liberty Pumps 250 Installation Manual

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liberty pumps troubleshooting

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Liberty Pumps SJ10 SumpJet Water Powered Backup Sump Review: Battery-Free Basement Protection

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