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Kuhn and W. Charm against Night-Mares Germany, A. Baku, Eater of Dreams Japan, F. Hadland Davis. Links to Related Sites. Return to D. Ashliman's folktextsa library of folktales, folklore, fairy tales, and mythology. Definitions The mare in nightmare is not a female horse, but a mara, an Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse term for a demon that sat on sleepers' chests, causing them to have bad dreams. In High German, the demon who causes bad dreams is most often called an Alpa word that is etymologically related to elf.

Even though windows and doors may be tightly closed and locked to keep out the alps, they can still get in through the smallest holes, which they seek out with special pleasure. In the still of the night one can hear the sound that they make in the wall while getting in. If one gets up quickly and plugs up the hole, then they must stay in the room and cannot escape, even after the doors have been opened. Then, before setting them free, one must make them promise to never disturb the place again.

On such occasions they have complained pitifully that they have little children at home who will perish if they do not leave. A trud or an alp often travels a great distance to make his nighttime visits. Once some herdsmen were out in the field in the middle of the night. They were watching their herds not far from a body of water. An alp came by, climbed into a boat, untied it from the bank, rowed it with an oar that he himself had brought along, climbed out, tied up the boat on the other side, and continued on his way.

After a while he returned and rowed back. The herdsmen, however, after observing this for several nights, and allowing it to happen, decided to take the boat away.

When the alp returned, he began to complain bitterly, and threatened the herdsmen that they would have to bring the boat back immediately if they wanted to have peace, and that is what they did. Some people have laid a hackle [an iron-toothed comb for the preparation of flax] on their bodies in order to keep alps away, but an alp often turns it over, pressing the points into the sleeper's body.

A better precaution is to turn one's shoes around at the side of the bed, so that the hooks and the laces are next to you. When an alp is pressing against you, you can put your thumb in your hand, and he will have to retreat. Alps often ride your horses during the night, and the next morning you can see how exhausted they are.

If you don't move your chair before going to sleep, the mare will ride it during the night. They like to give people hair-snarls called whole-grain braids or mare braidsby sucking on their hair then braiding it. When a nurse diapers a child, she must make the sign of the cross and open up a corner, otherwise the alp will re-diaper the child.

If you say to an alp that is pressing upon you, "Trud, come tomorrow, and I will lend you something! Or you can call out to him, "Come tomorrow and drink with me," then the person who sent him will have to come.

Others claim that such a person's eyebrows grow together on their forehead. There are others who can send an alp to those they hate or are angry with merely with their thoughts. He comes out of their eyebrows, looks like a small white butterfly, and sits on the breast of a sleeping person. Return to the table of contents. The Alp Germany The alp is a demonic being which presses upon sleeping people so that they cannot utter a sound. A girl told how the alp came to her through a keyhole.Some people wholeheartedly believe in these stories.

Do you? Want more creepy creatures? Sign up for The Lineup 's newsletter, and receive our eeriest investigations delivered straight to your inbox. This dwarf-like creature is said to reside in the forests of Africa and are thought to be the ancestral spirits of the people who live in the area.

The legend makes them out to be a kind of ghost, a being which haunts the forest because they have unfinished business with the living. They lurk in the darkest reaches of the trees and are generally considered to be malicious. The jengu is a water spirit whose appearance shifts depending on the beholder. Common descriptions make them out to be a mermaid-like creature with long hair and beautiful gap teeth. Sound appealing? One of their most valuable features is their ability to cure disease, making them a favorite hunt for locals.

Related: 13 Best Horror Books of This creature hinges largely on stories of large wounds and eyewitness accounts. These sightings originally came from explorers and the people living in the swamps of Western Zambia, Angola and Congo.

Despite the many claims of kongomato sightings, there is a lack of physical evidence of the bird-like creatures. The bodies of supposed victims were never examined to confirm the creature. Most attribute the sightings to a misidentified bird or giant bat. Originally thought to be a mythical creature, the Bili ape continues to stump scientists even today. Reports say that the ape-like chimpanzee walks upright at about five and half feet.

The Bili's incredible aggression, including stories about the creature killing and eating leopards, have made it attain a mythical status despite their very real existence.Norse mythology is an incredibly rich and deep lore, full of many great stories and poems of the Nordic culture, from Scandinavia and the Germanic countries. Norse mythology which is also known as Germanic mythology is a not just a myth, it is a religion and it was practiced by the Vikings who lived in the Scandinavian countries in the Viking age, but it was also practiced by the Germanic people.

What the Vikings called their religion or if it even had a name like other religions has, no one knows. In the last few decades, the sagas from Norse mythology and the culture of the Vikings have increasingly spread across the world. Many people have even been inspired in the late 20th century, and references to Norse mythology became more common in literature and in movies such as lord of the ringsThe 13th warrior and in series such as The Vikings.

In culture has even spread into the gaming industry there has also been many games, one of them which is among my favorite is a role-playing game called Skyrimwhich clearly has a Nordic touch. One of my favorite cartoons from called Valhalla, always brings me back happy memories from when I was a child.

Which is a cartoon I clearly can recommend and it is fun for both children and adults. Norse mythology is polytheistic which means worshiping in multiple Gods and Goddesses. You may have heard some of the Gods or Goddesses before….


Odin who is the chief of the Aesir, married with Frigg who is the Queen of Asgard. Or what about Thor the God of thunder and the protector of Midgard the world of man! And who can forget about Loki … ahhh Loki so many great stories about him, always up to some new tricks to annoy the Aesir. And there are many many more.

The Vikings came from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in Scandinavia, some of the Vikings loved to explore, and since they had the most advanced technology in shipbuilding at their time, they could travel faster and further than anyone else before them. Their history and culture have only been passed down orally through stories also called sagas and poems. This means a lot of the lore from the Vikings has been lost in time since the Viking age … But then an Icelandic historian, poet, and politician Snorri Sturluson decided to gather as much as he could and write it all down into a book he called The Prose Edda Just as the Christians demonized the Vikings in the Viking agethe media today is not that much better.

The Vikings were far more than just some bloodthirsty warmongering warriors from the north. The Vikings were not just explorers and warriors, but also farmers, traders, poets, and musicians. They were very creative, and made beautiful art and had superior shipbuilding skills compared to the rest of the world. Norse mythology which is a real religion to many people across the world, is not just some myths or stories to them.

There are many names for this religion depending on where you live you might have stumbled upon different names for the same religion, and no Norse mythology is not one of those names.

Five Slavic Folklore Creatures

The reason why I choose to use that name, is because that is the name people are searching for. It should also be said that even to the Vikings, there were variations in the faith depending on where you lived.

Some of the Vikings began converting to Christianity after exploring and raiding the coast of England and France, and towards the end of the Viking age, almost everyone in Scandinavia was a Christian. What is Norse Mythology? The Norse Sagas. The Viking Gods. You may have heard some of the Gods or Goddesses before… Odin who is the chief of the Aesir, married with Frigg who is the Queen of Asgard.

Where did the Vikings come from? Vikings were not barbarians. The rebirth of a religion? The Viking Religion.Sign In.

Spoilers Hide Spoilers. This is an interesting film that I had my first opportunity to see at the Nightmares Film Festival. This is an anthology horror film that tells 8 unrelated short films that are from different countries and time periods.

The official synopsis for this film is there is known as myths, lore and folktales. They were created to give logic to mankind's darkest fears; these stories laid the foundation for what we now know as the horror genre. The first tale for this film is called Die Trud. This one comes from Austria and it takes place in a much simpler times. We see a group of women as they go about their daily lives. There is a young woman who happens upon another. She is hitting herself in the face, causing her nose to bleed.

We see the reason is she is pretending to have gotten her period. The women all think she is pregnant and has sinned as she isn't married. Our main character is intrigued by this girl and they kiss. She is caught by her mother and forced to repent for her sins. Odd things start to happen and she is visited by the creature, Die Trud as it is drawn to her guilt. Is this really happening or is it a dream?

This story I found to be quite intriguing, because it really seems to be a tale about forbidden love. We never actually learn if Die Trud is seeing is real or is this just her guilt manifesting in her nightmares? She has fallen into lust for the character that is deemed to have done unholy thing and now is with child. Being that this is a Christian people, she has sinned. It just worked for me that the guilt of religion and what her mother tells her makes this to be a story I was into.Most are just exaggerated stories meant to scare listeners and sometimes impart some sort of life lesson.

The thing about urban legends, though, is that sometimes they are true. Collected here are some of the world's most terrifying true urban legends. For years, local teens have driven into the tunnel awaiting sightings of Charlie No-Face.

Many say they have felt an electrical charge from his presence and had problems getting their cars to start back up after calling out to him. Others have claimed to see his glowing ghost in the tunnel or along rural roads at night.

As it turns out, there is a tragic truth behind this old legend. His nose was burned off, one of his arms and both of his eyes were scorched, but he did survive. Raymond spent the rest of his life keeping to himself, only venturing out for walks at night, but he was, by all accounts, a friendly man.

This terrifying tale has been around for a long time. Things go missing or are moved, they find mysterious items in the trash, perhaps they joke about having a ghost, all before finally being slaughtered in their sleep by the freak living in their walls. The reason this story has always been so frightening is because it could easily happen - and it actually has.

It all began in March on a German farm named Hinterkaifeck. Andreas Gruber, the owner, started noticing small things missing or out of place. His family reported the sound of footsteps and Andreas himself found footprints, but no person. This particular story tells of doctors who would ride at night, abducting Black workers to perform experiments on them.

These stories of white doctors victimizing Black communities have roots in some horrific truths. During the early 19th century, grave robbing to provide medical students with cadavers was a huge issue and Africans Americans were powerless to protect their dead.

Also, doctors and medical students really were performing surgeries on living members of the Black community. Southern teaching hospitals would only perform live surgical techniques for medical students on African American patients. They took African American men; already had syphilis and did not. The Tuskegee scientists made the decision to withhold medication from their patients as well as information about their condition. These facts, paired with slave masters in white sheets pretending to be ghosts on horseback riding around at night a tradition later continued by the Klu Klux Klan after the Civil Wargave the African American community a very real fear of the Night Doctors legend.

List of vampires in folklore

According to the tale, a string of murders happened in Japan between and Police also found one playing card carefully placed at each gruesome scene. The first victim was found in the woods, impaled by tree branches.Every major culture around the world past and present has had its fair share of mythical creatures. The ancient Germanic culture that existed during the middle ages in Northern and Western Europe is no different and contains some of the oldest and scariest monsters around that have passed into legend.

Living in the region of Europe that is now modern day Germany, these creatures were benevolent and did not pose any danger to humans normally. They had the appearance of elves and usually appeared to people bathed in an ethereal white light, hence their name.

Now this one is much more fearsome and scary — definitely a being that could keep you awake at night! A Drude is a folklore creature originating from central Europe and is traditionally thought of as a demon.

As hard as it is to believe, this addition to the list counts Santa Claus amongst his friends?! In the modern western world, we only associate Santa Claus with Christmas but in Germany they have the tale of his helper Knecht Ruprecht also. Originating in the late middle ages, Knecht Ruprecht traditionally accompanied Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus as we now know him when giving out presents to children.

trud folklore

If the children had been good he would give them treats but if they were bad then they would receive nothing. The Bean Nighe was a mythical washer woman with crone like appearance and webbed feet who existed in ancient Scotland. The Bean Nighe would wait alongside rivers for people to pass and was thought to act as a portent of doom to whoever saw her as it was a warning of their demise.

It was said she could also appear as a beautiful young women depending on the situation. There have been numerous reports of creatures living around the Alpine area of Europe since the middle ages and Perchta is one example. She would usually be seen in white robes with one foot larger than the other.

This is one of the spookier creatures on this list as he was thought to appear to people only to warn of death. Found in the Bavarian region of Germany, Erdhenne was a house spirit and as such did not usually appear in physical form. Occasionally he would do and could be seen as a grey hen-like figure with a shorter than normal neck.

According to legend, he would only appear to warn of a death due to take place in the next 12 months. Usually he was a kind creature that would treat you well if you did the same to him but he could be moody with a quick temper. For that reason, people were wary of seeing him as they never knew what mood he was in or how quickly his ire could be aroused.

A truly scary being, the Nachzehrer was an undead creature found in Poland and northern Germany. It has been described as a vampire in some quarters but this is not technically correct. Nachzehrers do not suck the blood of the living but rather consume already dead bodies for their sustenance or even attack the living.

They are not created by being bitten by another nachzehrer but rise from the dead after burial. Traditional folklore suggests that they can be created when someone dies an unnatural or accidental death. Nidhogg — Micha L.

Rieser [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons. The Nidhogg was a creature from Norse mythology. The Norse tribe believed the Nidhogg was a large, angry dragon like being that was intent on creating chaos in the universe. He was covered in colourful scales and had large horns protruding from his head. This large serpent would knaw away at the roots of the world with his large claws and forelegs which harmed them.An Alp plural Alpe or Alpen is a supernatural being in German folklore.

Not to be confused with the similarly named Alp-luachrathe Alp is sometimes likened to a vampirebut its behavior is more akin to that of the incubus. It is distinct from both of these creatures in that it wears a magic hat called a Tarnkappefrom which it draws its powers. The word Alp is the German form of the word that comes into English as elfboth descended from Common Germanic.

trud folklore

It is also known by the following names: trudmarmartmahrschratand walrider. Many variations of the creature exist in surrounding European areas, such as the Druden and Schrattelior Old Hag in English-speaking countries. In the period before aboutthe Old High German word alp is attested only in a small number of glosses.

As the mare he messes around with women". There is also evidence associating elves with illness, specifically epilepsy. In later medieval prayers, Elves appear as a threatening, even demonic, force. Evidence includes Latin prayers found inscribed in lead amulets from southern Scandinavia and Schleswig.

Correspondingly, in the early modern period, elves are described in north Germany doing the evil bidding of witches; Martin Luther believed his mother to have been afflicted in this way.

As in Old Norse, however, there are few characters identified as elves. Otherwise, it seems likely that in the German-speaking world, elves were to a significant extent conflated with dwarves Middle High German : getwerc. As the apparent convergence with dwarves suggests, the word alp declined in use in German after the medieval period, though it still occurs in some fossilised uses, most prominently the word for "nightmare", Alptraum "elf dream".

The characteristic magic that the Alpe possess also bear the creature much resemblance to the Koboldparticularly Hodekin. As in English, however, twentieth-century fantasy fiction has helped to reinvigorate the term. Tolkien recommended using the older German form Elb in his Guide to the Names in The Lord of the Rings and Elb, Elben was consequently introduced in the German translation of The Lord of the Ringshaving a role in repopularising the form in German.

An Alp is typically male, while the mara and mart appear to be more feminine versions of the same creature.

trud folklore

Its victims are often females, [22] [23] whom it attacks during the night, controlling their dreams and creating horrible nightmares hence the German word Alptraum ["elf dream"], meaning a nightmare. Alpdruck is when an Alp sits astride a sleeper's chest and becomes heavier until the crushing weight awakens the terrified and breathless dreamer. The victim awakes unable to move under the Alp 's weight. This may have been an early explanation for sleep apnea and sleep paralysisas well as night terrors.

It may also include lucid dreams. Sexual attacks by the Alp are rare. The Alp is often associated with vampires because it will drink blood from the nipples of men and young children, [25] though women are the preferred victim of the invariably male Alpfor it favors the taste of breast milk.

Alpe also exhibit a tendency for mischief similar to elves, like souring milk and re-diapering a baby; a maid must sign a cross on the diaper or the Alp will put the soiled diaper back on her child. They will ride a horse to exhaustion during the night and may sometimes crush smaller farm animals such as geese to death during a pressing attack. Alpe are also similarly blamed for minor illnesses and milking cows dry, for they enjoy the taste of cow's milk as well.

The Alpin many cases, is considered a demonbut there have been some instances in which the Alp is created from the spirits of recently dead relatives, more akin to a spirit or ghost. Children may become an Alp if a woman bites a horse collar to ease the pain during an extremely long and tortuous childbirth.

Also, a child born with a caul or hair on the palms may become an Alp. If a woman who is pregnant is frightened by an animal, the child may be born an Alp. Stillborn infants are also suspected to return from the grave as Alpe and torment their family. People who have eyebrows that meet are suspected to be Alpe. They are typically unaware of their nocturnal activities and are invariably in disguise while doing so.


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